Advanced Salesforce Cloud Review

  • (14 reviews)
Amit kanodia
Learned a lot from the course !!
Chandrakant Reddy
Trainer is best ????
Nirmal Kushwah
it was a great review of the material
Javed Lone
Course content along with the regular knowledge checks has been designed in a structured way. Helped me to enhance my knowledge
Priya Dogra
Delivery of the instructor is flawless. Great Course.
Shyam Prakash
Salesforce is the market leader & i wish i could have learnt from here an year back when i was making a switch. I feel so much confident now. Preparing for JOB Change. Good content.
Kisan yadav
Delighted to go through the course. Found Helpful on advanced tools.
Anand Shankar
Thanku so much team, you guys helped me in completing my certification. There is no option to upload any attachment, i wanted to upload my certification as well. Thankuuuu so Much.
Puneet Vyas
Good to know this much on salesforce. Quite Helpful.
Shri Ram Anand
Before starting i had certain doubts that how would i implement these things in my project. But After completing t in just 4 weeks i get an Immense confidence in salesforce.
Reema Bhattacharya
Salesforce has so much high level concepts, i had no Idea. The last BONUS session was like an eye opener for me. Thanks to your entire team.
Pritham Das
Great Presentation of all the covered topics. Few Concepts were Gotcha for me. Thanks for sharing.
Lopamudra Ghai
This course is even more exciiting than the previous one. This covers the super exciting Advanced concepts of salesforce Cloud. Kudos to your entire team.
Radhika kumari
Salesforce can be so much interesting, i had never thought of. Nice explanation during the entire course with best examples.