Core Python Course for Beginners Review

  • (12 reviews)
Sneh Prabha
Good teaching as well as making us practice exercise after each topic.
Kumud Kundu
I really enjoyed the projects!!!
Shailendra Singh
Excellent training.. very point to point explained
Anshika Mittal
It's a good course for beginners. It's helping me to understand the basic of python.
Payal Khurana
In ittoolstraining Core Python Training course covers the fundamentals of Python and how to apply it to real-world application
Arushima Verma
I Give 5-star Great learning experience. Thanks for help ittoolstraining team!
Mahira Jain
It was very well constructed, concise and to the point course. Great courseware
Aryan Gupta
Also, the quizzes were too simple. instead of quizzes, real programming projects would be much better for helping the student to learn.
Kiran Saxena
I Give 5 Star Rating, Great course! Covers all of the information regarding core python courses for beginners
Harshita goyal
Exposing python with real world examples. featuring the thought process in applying and creating the code. This course can give you a solid foundation to be a python coder
Noah smith
I find myself confident in Python programming after this. itToolstraining was recommended by one of my clients. I am so thankful to him & you guys
James Thomas
Totally recommended. Incredible so far. A very well-explained and practical course to introduce yourself to the basics (as well as some advanced concepts) of Python programming.