C Programming for Beginners - Master C Language Review

  • (10 reviews)
Sukomal Pal
Good course for the beginner. Good examples and challenging exercises.
Ravindranath Chowdary C
very well explained theoretically and practical examples were also very basic and up to the point
Vinayak Shrivastava
This course has definitely taught me how to develop in C
Ravi Shankar Singh
A really good course for beginners to kick start their inner C programming beast
Bhaskar Biswas
This course is very helpful !!!!
Harshita Tuli
Good course for the beginner. Good examples and challenge exercises.
Supreet kaur
I highly recommend this course.
Mayukha Chihnitha
Amazing course!! Definitely take this course if you are just beginning programming and want to learn C .
Tanushree Shyam
I think this is the very first course that I've finished in ITtools training, I was also interested to do it because I am working on embedded systems and when we are talking about pointers, I've always afraid to deal with them. But this course gives me another new point of view to C programming.
Rajiv Dhagat
It is a great course. It was well paced and even minute details were shared. I have already recommended this training to my colleagues.